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Repair & Maintenance



Over the many years, NEOMATECH have established a very large and thorough Server and Computer Networking maintenance checklist. The types of things we go over within this checklist help our clients get the most out of their computer equipment.

By discovering and resolving issues on the spot and performing routine tasks on our client’s IT equipment, we are able to help ensure our clients remain free from data corruption, security breaches, and poor network performance, just to name a few.


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Just like a car or any type of automobile, you need to maintain it so that it will continue to work throughout the ages. This type of analogy is a good way to understand the requirements of your office’s IT infrastructure. We usually perform this maintenance monthly however; some clients have very large networks and require maintenance on a fortnightly basis.



Efficiency is critical during cable installation. Increasingly vast networks of wires and cables supply vital electric power and communication services, increasing demands on a contractor’s time.  As line installers and repairers fervently install new lines and repair existing ones, the desire to do so more quickly and economically has increased.

Using the correct termination tool can increase your productivity by enabling you to install Cat 5(e) jacks six to eight times faster. Punchdown tools increase accuracy and reliability, resulting in fewer reworks, which increases client confidence.

There are three types of punchdown tools used to terminate telecommunications cables: manual, impact, and multi-wire. When any conductor is punched down, force is required to seat the conductor. That power can be derived from one of two methods; by human power by which an installer will use his hand or arm to generate the force to seat the conductor using a non-impact tool, or by the use of an impact tool. The basic impact tool has a spring-loaded head, which is compressed by the installer with very little force required. Once the spring reaches full compression, it is automatically released and the force is transferred to the head of the impact tool, which then seats the conductor. Advanced multi-wire tools such as JackRapid terminate all pairs with one squeeze, reducing hand fatigue.