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Internet Leased Line (ILL)

We offer broadband of Airtel on optic fiber and our Fiber-To-The-Home technology can carry vast amount of information at speeds up to 1 Gbps. We’re partner to the 1st largest ISP In the wired broadband category, and the largest telco ISP in the country.

Our founder, Mr. Nitul Malakar, is well respected in the Indian business fraternity and our senior management is filled up with professionals from diverse industries like Entertainment, Information & Technology, Telecom, and Retail.

We’ve always believed in giving our customers the very best, and our vision is for every Indian home to have access to world class internet services.


Why lease lines ?

  • Internet Leased Lines offer same speed for both uploads and downloads (symmetric connectivity), while in broadband (through DSL technology) the speeds are always optimized for downloads and the upload speeds are much lesser. Symmetric connectivity is critical for applications like file sharing between two branches, hosting websites/ mail servers etc, video conferencing/ surveillance, voice over IP etc. all of which are used by medium and large businesses regularly.
  • Generally, broadband connectivity is shared with multiple users in a locality. Broadband plans generally denote the best bandwidth that can be attained and not the assured bandwidth levels. But a 2 Mbps Internet Leased Line should give 2 Mbps of performance as it is a dedicated connection without any sharing.
  • The backbone network and performance parameters (like latency, jitter etc) can be monitored in the case of Internet Leased Lines. So, it is easier to offer SLA (Service Level Agreements) to the customer and Internet Leased Lines generally come with an SLA. There are very few broadband plans that offer such performance guarantee. So, Internet Leased Lines are more reliable.
  • There is a wider choice of bandwidth selection (64 Kbps, 128 Kbps,… 2 Mbps,… 155 Mbps etc) with Internet Leased Lines. With broadband, the selection is more restricted.
  • Higher bandwidth (Greater than 8 Mbps) is possible only through Internet Leased Lines. That’s why it is the default choice for large organizations with hundreds of internet users.
  • Internet Leased lines are provided through multiple media – Copper, Fiber, Radio links or a combination of the above. Optical media communication is more reliable and offers better fault tolerance/ performance/ monitoring abilities, especially for higher bandwidths.
  • Internet Leased Lines come with unlimited usage plans which enables companies to add services like video, voice etc over IP in addition to the internet/ data connectivity. Most of the broadband plans offer usage based billing (based on the bandwidth consumed). Of course, there are unlimited usage plans with broadband as well.
  • Internet Leased Lines offer a pool of permanent IP addresses which enables organizations to run their own mail servers, web servers and other applications.
  • Internet Leased Lines offer better QoS (Quality of Service) when compared to broadband. So, it is more effective to run convergent services like voice, video etc. over Internet Leased Lines.
  • Internet Leased Lines can be leveraged to form a Virtual Private Network across multiple branches more effectively than broadband connections.

Of course, broadband connectivity has its own advantages like lesser cost, wider reach, mobile internet access etc.  But the dedicated high performance Internet Leased Lines (cost of which is coming down every year) is the preferred choice for larger networks with a considerable internet user base.