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Bio-metric Devices


NEOMATECH gives you the chance to benefit from several attendances and security features at your workplace. A  time attendance machines system is becoming increasingly common in modern workplaces, owing to the accuracy and reliability of punctuality and attendance data. A time attendance machine can keep track of login and logout time of hundreds of employees while producing user-friendly data at the end of each month.

The data from the attendance machine can be accessed anytime & anywhere through a login. The managers can even print and keep a detailed record of employees’ office presence, without worrying about its accuracy, since it relies on biometric validation.



  • Biometric data cannot be lent and hacking of Biometric data is complicated hence it makes it safer to use than traditional methods of authentication like passwords which can be lent and shared. Passwords don’t have the ability to judge the user but rely only on the data provided by the user, which can easily be stolen while Biometrics work on the uniqueness of each individual.
  • Passwords can be forgotten and recovering them can take time, whereas Biometric devices rely on biometric data which tends to be unique to a person, hence there is no risk of forgetting the authentication data. A study conducted among Yahoo users found that at least 1.5 percent of Yahoo users forgot their passwords every month, hence this makes accessing services more lengthy for consumers as the process of recovering passwords is lengthy. These shortcomings make Biometric devices more efficient and reduces effort for the end user.