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Thought in Action

Bar-code Billing

Barcode Billing Software (BBS) is a software which is made by taking the consideration of the customer. The simplicity of the software is that the Admin can control the user by assigning the permisions on each & every forms like view, add, edit, print, delete. So if the user is assigned to add the bill then he can only make the new bill rest is disabled. The brief list of modules given below:

Highlights of Barcode Billing Software (BBS)


  • Manage Color
  • Manage Size
  • Manage Supplier
  • Manage Item
  • Manage VAT
  • Generate Barcode
  • Manage Permissions


  • Purchase
  • Scan Bar-code & Sale
  • Edit Bill
  • Print Bill
  • Cancel Bill


  • Purchase Details
  • Sale Details
  • Daily Profit
  • Bill Details
  • Bill Cancelled
  • Stock Details