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NEOMATECH offers end-to-end solutions for custom mobile app development and support, from solutions, design and development, through the launch and maintenance of custom mobile apps. With years of experience, capabilities and the necessary tools to transform a company’s mobile ideas into a reality and new sources of revenue, we have established a center of excellence for mobile practice. Whether the mobile app development needs are for a standalone.


The digital revolution across various industries has forced enterprises to implement enterprise mobility more seriously. According to Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) data, 4 out of 5 respondent companies are investing heavily in mobile technology as a growth strategy for the future. Despite this, a large number of companies are still hesitant or ignorant about the growing power of mobile app platforms. Here are some myths about mobile app development that prevent companies from embracing enterprise apps.


To cater to a great multi-channel app user experience you have to leverage the particular device’s strength and enable device specific functionalities. For example, for mobile devices, one should make a less complicated form. Again for mobile devices, since they do not have a keyboard or mouse input system, you should focus on using the GPS location, calendar date, IoT systems to automatically collect the information. Thereby creating less fuss and time consuming for the users and focussing on the major goals.